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Registration & Tryout Information 2017-2018 Season

Tryouts are required for U9 and older (players born 2009 and earlier).  

There are no tryouts required for the U8 (2010) age group and registration will open in early June.

Tryout schedule is in a link at the bottom of the page. Players MUST ATTEND BOTH TRYOUTS

Results will be sent out via email

- Players born 2007 and earlier will be posted on June 18th (evening)

- Players born 2008 and later will be posted on June 21st (evening)

Registration & Tryout Checklist

  1. Tryout pre-registration for U9 (2009) through U15 (2003) no later than 2 days prior to first tryout date for child’s age group. Deposit of $100 required and late fee of $20 will be applied to all late registrations. Once tryout results are posted, the deposit is non-refundable. Register using the family account registration above.
  2. Parents must bring two new copies of medical forms with original signatures to tryouts. Medical forms can be downloaded from your family registration page.  Select the "print forms" button by each child's name. Medical forms from the previous Spring are not valid. 
  3. If children are new to SYSC program, parents must bring a COPY of birth certificate or passport for proof of age.
  4. Children should come dressed to play in shorts and wear a plain white top (NO LOGOS OR TEAM NAMES), with shin guards, non-metal cleats, and water. 
  5. ATSC will assign a tryout number for each player at registration. 
  6. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to tryouts. Parents should NOT stay at the tryout site. Each tryout will be 90 minutes in length.


  • SYSC is a commitment for both the Fall and Spring 2017-2018 season.  The program cost is $1,150, which includes the registration fee.  Once an spot is accepted  there are no refunds or credits.  Please see the club’s refund policy for full details.
  • Tryouts for U9 (2009) thru U11 (2007) age groups are open to all children who attend, or who are eligible to attend, school in the Scarsdale Union Free School District. 
  • Tryouts for U12 and older (2006) are open to all children who attend, or who are eligible to attend, school in the Scarsdale Union Free School District AND a limited number of spots are available for children from outside the Scarsdale Union Free School District.
  • All divisions follow the age based requirements set forth by the WYSL.  Players wishing to play SYSC travel soccer must adhere to the age based requirements listed below.
  • All U9-U15 Players are placed on stratified teams designed to enhance player development. Teams are formed in June for the following Fall and Spring seasons.
  • ATSC, SYSC's professional coaching partner, is solely responsible for player evaluation and tryout assessments.  They will determine the proper team placement for each child. If a child has played in SYSC during the year, the team placement will be a mix of the child's performance during the year and tryouts with a skew towards his/her performance during the year given the abundance of data points. If the child is new to SYSC, the tryouts will determine the child's placement.
  • All teams will have a professional coach. This coach may change between the Fall and Spring season.
  • For players currently participating in a SYSC program, evaluations from the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 seasons will be considered during the tryout process.  Attendance at BOTH tryouts is MANDATORY, even for returning players.  If it is not possible to attend due to injury or extenuating circumstances, please email [email protected] to ensure your child's performance is evaluated for possible placement on a team. Please provide your child's name, current team, division, the date you will be missing, and the reason you are missing.
  • All players MUST attend BOTH tryouts for age group.  
  • Tryout schedule can be found in a PDF link at the bottom of the page.


Birth Year

The WYSL configurations for the Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 soccer year are as follows:

Varsity: Players Born Jan 1, 1999 or later

       JV: Players Born Jan 1, 2000 or later

  15&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2003 or later

  14&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2004 or later

  13&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2005 or later

  12&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2006 or later

  11&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2007 or later

  10&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2008 or later

    9&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2009 or later 

    8&U: Players Born Jan 1, 2010 or later

Playing up

Players wishing to "play up" to an older age bracket must first contact [email protected] (boys) or [email protected] (girls) to discuss the appropriate soccer level.  All players who then wish to tryout for an older age bracket must contact [email protected] to be assigned a unique tryout number that will be used in all tryouts. Next, the player must register online for their age-appropriate tryout, and then email the registrar at [email protected] to request to be registered for the older age group in addition to the age-appropriate group. Players who wish to tryout to "play up", must tryout for their age group and the older age group.  Players whose skill level places them on the highest seeded team in the older age group will be allowed to "play up."  Players whose skill level is not commensurate with the top team, will be placed on the appropriate team corresponding to their age. 

Out of town eligibility

A limited number of out-of-town players at U12 and up are permitted to play for SYSC. Historically this has not been used very much, however we expect to use it more going forward subject to the following limitations: 

U12: no more than 2 field players and 1 keeper

U13: no more than 3 field players and 1 keeper

U14 and up: no more than 4 field players and 1 keeper


Tryout Schedule

The schedule by age group can be found in the hyperlink - TRYOUT SCHEDULE 



Registration questions: Registrar 

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