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The Requirements and Responsibilities of an Assistant Coach

Parent Volunteer Relationship to Professional Trainer

  • It is the Professional Trainer’s responsibility to communicate all soccer matters to players in practice and before, during and after games.  Parent Volunteers are not to instruct players at practice, or to discuss soccer matters before, during or after any game; this is the sole jurisdiction of the Professional Trainer. Unless the Professional Trainer has explicitly sought the assistance of the Parent Volunteer in any of the foregoing, involvement in this regard by a Parent Manager undermines the basic premise of professional training and development.

  • Under certain circumstances, the Parent Volunteer may be asked by the Professional Trainer to assist with certain coaching responsibilities, but this should be only at the Professional Trainer's explicit request.   Typically, this should be with respect to a particular situation (eg, the Professional Trainer needs help with a particular aspect of a practice, or needs to track a particular situation within a game).

  • The Parent Volunteer should not engage in an dialogue about player and team development, whether with the Professional Trainer or with a parent or child on the team, because such discussions may unduly influence the professional trainer and compromise his/her objectivity or his/her approach. Our Professional Training Partners have internal procedures for the assessment of each player, which will be communicated by the Professional Trainer and /or relevant Assistant Director of Coaching to each player/family.


Requirements to become an Assistant Coach 


  • Register as an Assistant coach online through gotsport.  This needs to be done annually, it's free and should take about 5 min. 

  • Background Check.  This is done biannually online, it's free with a code and should take about 10 min. 

  • Heads Up Concussion Protocol.  This is done biannually online, it's free and should take about 30 min. 

  • Safesport. This needs to be done annually, it's free and should take about 90 min. 

  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA): This is done biannually online, it's free when provided by the league. and should take about 60 min. 

  • Coaching Orientation Course: First Year only, it's online and Free. Takes about 2 hours. 

  • Coaching License: First Year only and the cost will vary.  This is a 4 hour class done in person.  The locations will vary. 


Note that each team has at least one carded parent designated as an “Assistant Coach.”  However, this designation is given only in order to comply with the League’s registration system.  The only additional soccer-related responsibility of the Parent “Assistant Coach” is to be available to step in if the Professional Trainer is red-carded so that the team is not forced to forfeit (which we would expect would never occur).  For all other purposes, parents who assist the professional trainer are in fact Parent Managers (see below), Co-Managers or Assistant Managers, depending on the number of parent volunteers for a particular team, and how those parent volunteers choose to allocate the responsibilities below.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Cole Penny at,

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