Player Documentation Requirements

In order for each child to play in the WYSL, certain items of documentation are required:

  • FIRST TIME PLAYER in TRAVEL SOCCER in the WYSL, a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport is required to verify the age of your child.

    • U8 - 1) As soon as you register your child online for a U8 travel team you should MAIL your child's birth certificate or passport to the registrar using the address provided on your registration receipt. 2) EMAIL a signed copy of the medical release form (found on your family registration account page) to (LAST, FIRST, DOB).

    • U9 and older first time players - EMAIL 1) a copy of your child’s birth certificate and 2) a signed copy of medical release form (found on your family registration account page) to prior to tryouts. If you are registering after tryouts have been completed, EMAIL a copy to

  • ALL PLAYERS (First time and returning players)

  1. Photo Required for Player Passes: Every two years a recent picture of each child is needed for a new player pass. This picture must be a head shot, must be a current picture, and should be uploaded directly to your family registration account page in SI Play.

    • Select "account settings" on the right side of the page

    • Select ” the name of the person who needs a photo (name is underlined)

    • Select "add image" on the right side of the page

    • Click on the "Upload Image" grey box to upload a new or updated picture

  2. Medical Release Form Required before tryouts for U9+:

    • Each year a new copy of the WYSL Medical Release Form must be provided to the club. This is required for new and returning players. The Professional Coach and Team Manager will each have a copy to facilitate prompt treatment in the event a child is injured at practice or a game and a parent is not immediately available.

    • The form can be downloaded directly from your family registration account. Go to Print Forms next to your child's name in SI Play and use the US Club WYSL Medical Release Form. Please review all information for accuracy. Do not use a different form. This form does not require a doctor's signature. If you attach copies of your health insurance card, please leave the copy on 8x11 paper. Do NOT cut out copies of the card. If possible, please copy both sides of the card on ONE SIDE of an 8.5 x 11 page (DO NOT copy on both sides of the page!!!).

    • Incoming U8 players will MAIL them to the Registrar (along with their proof of birth date - passport or birth certificate) using the address provided upon the completion of registration. Please view the bottom portion of your paid receipt for mailing instructions. (see FIRST TIME PLAYER instructions above)

    • U9 and older players should EMAIL these to your parent manager using this format LAST, FIRST, DOB. Players who did not attend tryouts but are only sending medical release forms should emails these documents to your parent manager. Please do not send medical forms to the Registrar - they will not be retained and you will have to do them again!