The WYSL configurations for the Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 soccer year are as follows:

DivisionBirth Date
HSPlayers Born Dec 31, 2005 or earlier (spring)
15&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2005 or later
14&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2006 or later
13&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2007 or later
12&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2008 or later
11&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2009 or later
10&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2010 or later
9&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2011 or later
8&UPlayers Born Jan 1, 2012 - Dec 31

Playing Up

  • Players wishing to "play up" to an older age bracket must first contact cole@atscus.com or odyson@atscus.com to discuss the appropriate soccer level. Players born in 2012 are not eligible to “play up”.

  • All players who then wish to tryout for an older age bracket must contact tryouts@scarsdalesoccer.net to be assigned a unique tryout number that will be used in all tryouts.

  • Next, the player must register online for their age-appropriate tryout, and then email the registrar at registrar@scarsdalesoccer.net to request to be registered for the older age group in addition to the age-appropriate group.

  • Players who wish to tryout to "play up", must tryout for their age group and the older age group. Players whose skill level places them on the highest seeded team in the older age group will be allowed to "play up." Players whose skill level is not commensurate with the top team, will be placed on the appropriate team corresponding to their age.

Out of town eligibility

A limited number of out-of-town players at U12 and up are permitted to play for SYSC. Historically this has not been used very much, however we expect to use it more going forward subject to the following limitations:

U12: no more than 2 field players and 1 keeper
U13: no more than 3 field players and 1 keeper
U14 and up: no more than 4 field players and 1 keeper