Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where can I find info about SI Play and App?

Please see the SportsSignUp Play & App section on the menu above for more information and troubleshooting answers. There is a YouTube video on how to use the App and a Volunteer section on how to download the team game day roster from the team SSP Play website page as well.

+ When does the typical season run?

With regard to the Fall season, pre-season clinics begin the last week in August. Practices start the first week in September. The first WYSL game is the first weekend in September after Labor Day and games go through mid November. Some teams participate in optional Labor Day tournaments. There are typically no WYSL games on Columbus Day weekend but some teams participate in Columbus Day weekend tournaments. See the overview of important dates here. The Spring season resumes in early April and continues through mid June. Games are held on Monther's day and Father's day weekends. Tryouts are in late April/early May.

+ Who do I contact if I would like to volunteer for my child's team?

Please contact Also please visit the Volunteers section at the top of the page for more information on roles and requirements. Specific boys volunteer issues, contact and specific girls volunteer issues, contact

+ How do I reschedule a game if I am a parent volunteer?

Please visit the Volunteers section and review the Parent Manager section for Inclement Weather / Rescheduling Games.

+ I am a parent, what to do in the case of bad weather?

Games are played rain or shine according to the WYSL so please show up to the game unless you hear otherwise from your coach, parent volunteer or SYSC that YOUR field that day is closed. Games are only delayed for 30 min in the case of lightening if the kids are at the field and play will resume if no further lightening is observed.

+ What is the refund policy?

Please visit the refund policy under the Policies & Guidelines section.

+ Who is the training partner and Directors of Coaching (DOC)?

Stay-in-Town (SIT) is the training partner for SYSC for 2019-2020. See the Contact page for the SIT Leadership details.

+ Are SYSC and Scarsdale Rec the same thing?

No. SYSC is a competitive, try-out based travel league managed by the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club and plays in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) and is a fall and spring combined committment. The Scarsdale Rec league is a recreational Scarsdale only league managed by the Scarsdale Rec Department and is only offered in the fall.

+ I just moved to town, how can I find out if there are spots on teams?

Please review the programs available under Soccer Programs and register your child now or apply for the wait list for the appropriate program. The Club's Registrar ( and Director of Coaching, Cole Penny ( Tryouts for the Fall are in late April/early May.

+ What do I do if the ref doesn't show up?

Referee assignments are overseen by the WYSL and are not in the control of SYSC and not all games will have an assigned ref. If a referee does not show up, an agreed upon coach or parent volunteer can referee the game and the home team must report the score to WYSL and note the lack of referee. For SYSC, please ALSO report to or as well.

+ When are practice schedules available?

In order to create the schedules, there is a lot of coordination between our coaching staff, Scarsdale Recreation, and other town sports that is required for the field space. We know this can cause some delay but please know we are working hard at getting these out as soon as they are available!

+ What are the borrowing rules for parent managers?

Please see the borrowing section under Volunteers. Parent managers must contact Cole Penny to initiate borrowing, parents cannot contact parents or players to borrow directly. See section in Volunteer area. /borrowingplayers

+ How do I report the game score as a parent manager or assistant coach?

Scores must be reported by the home team on Sunday after the game via the GotSoccer website. Instructions HERE