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Parent Assistant Coaches


Parent Assistant Coach Prerequisites

The Parent Assistant Coach holds a WYSL coach card which enables them to be on the player/coach side of the field during games. The parent assistant coach must complete WYSL mandatory training requirements below, along with a background check.

You must complete the following to receive your Assistant Coach WYSL Coach Card:

  • Background Check & Online Training - see information here

  • Attend WYSL Introductory 2-hour course new coach/manager orientation*

  • Attain a minimum of Level 2 NSCAA coach certificate (6 hours hands-on training; cost approx. $95). USSF coaching license of Level E or higher may be presented in lieu of the minimum Level 2 NSCAA.*

    • NOTE: You must complete the 6-hour Level 2 course before March 30th or you will have to relinquish your coaching pass.

*If you previously took this course you do not need to repeat. The above training requirements are good for life within WYSL. The background check must be completed every two years ($23 fee). See below for more info on background check.

Further information on prerequisites can be found with the following buttons as well as on the website under COACH section in the top navigation. 

Parent Assistant Coach Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Assist with pre-game warm-ups, IF requested by the ATSC trainer. Bring a couple of balls each week just in case.

  2. Remain on the sideline during the games, and take direction from the ATSC trainer with regard to coaching and warming up substitutes. YOU ARE NOT THE COACH OF THE TEAM.

  3. Be available to coach a game in the unlikely event that the ATSC trainer is unavailable but be in communication with the ATSC coach in advance to ensure one of you is available at all times. Failure for a carded coach will result in a FORFEIT for the team.

  4. Bring goalie jersey and gloves to game.

  5. Report game scores using the GotSoccer Mobile Site

  6. Read full WYSL rules.

  7. Read Min. Playing Time Policy.

There should be at least two Parent Assistant Coaches for each team, one is required. There is a maximum of 4 staff allowed on a team roster, in any combination of coaches/managers. But during games, there is a maximum of three coaches (no managers) allowed on the player/coach sidelines. Coach cards must be given to the referee along with the player cards and the game line up sheet prior to each game.

A WYSL coach card enables that named person to act as the carded coach at ANY game within their own club, even if it is not their own team, as long as they have their card to present to the referee. Failure for any carded coach, ATSC or parent coach to be at the game upon start of the game will result in a FORFEIT for the team.

The Parent Assistant Coach can fulfill the responsibilities of the manager role, but not vice versa.

Note: * If a Parent Assistant Coach receives a yellow card during the game, this will result in a $100 fine. If a parent coach receives a red card, this will result in a $500 fine and 1 week suspension; it is the parent's responsibility to pay the WYSL fine to get their card back.