Parent managers


Parent Manager Prerequisites

The Parent Manager does not hold a WYSL coach card, and is never allowed on the player/coach side of the field during games. It is more of an administrative/organizational role, and WYSL does not require any mandatory soccer training for Parent Managers. However, they must still register online for the team, and pass a background check every two years ($23 fee). See below for more info on background check.

You must complete the following to be a Parent Manager:

  • Background Check & Online Training - see information here (choose "WYSL" and not "SYSC" under club)
  • 2 hour WYSL Introductory Course*†  
  • Information for courses can be found under Coach section here.

*If you previously took this course you do not need to repeat

Optional but highly recommended

Further information on prerequisites can be found with the following buttons as well as on the WYSLsoccer.org website under COACH section in the top navigation. 

Parent Manager Roles & Responsibilities

The Parent Manager's responsibilities are things such as holding player and coach passes to give to the ref on game day, along with the approved roster/line up sheet for that game, and report the game score each week. They are the primary communicator with the team, via email/text/Team Wall, with details regarding practices, games, jersey colors, tournaments or other team events. They also collect and hold player's Medical Release forms. They are responsible for confirmation of games each week with the opponent, scheduling make up games/TBS games if needed, etc.

The Parent Assistant Coach can fulfill the responsibilities of the manager role, but not vice versa.

Specific responsibilities of the Parent Manager include the following:

The Pre-Season meeting

The Parent Volunteer should organize a meeting between parents and the Professional Trainer to set out the following expectations and objectives.


Explanation of Parents and Players expected commitment, punctuality, applicable playing time rule, and policy re playing positions.  Review expectations for appropriate parent conduct (including parent manager's liaison role and the 24-hour rule whereby parents must wait at least 24 hours after a game to address any issues about their child). Emphasize expectations of parents and players related to showing respect for all participants in the game, including teammates, opponents, coaches and officials.


FUN, Core skill development, understanding and love of the game, and teamwork

  • Important dates including spring season start dates, state cup and other tournaments so families can plan accordingly.

Coordination with the Professional Trainer

All parents should have direct access to the Professional Trainer.  However the Parent Volunteer is a natural conduit for dialogue between parent and trainer, and should serve as first touch point to resolve non-soccer related issues or concerns that may arise between parents and Professional Trainer.

  • The Parent Volunteer should communicate and follow the 24-hour rule (ie, in the event of any coaching or game related concerns, the parent should wait 24 hours after the game to “cool off” before raising the issue).
  • The Parent Manager should make clear to parents that he/she, and not the Professional Trainer, is the first option for addressing any parent concerns.
  • To the extent that the Parent Volunteer can't easily resolve an issue, the next step should be a discussion with the SYSC Board regarding any disputes, new player additions, team allocations in addition to general advice.  The Parent Volunteer should seek to address concerns without the involvement of the Professional Trainer to the extent possible.
  • Parent Volunteer should also make clear to parents and to the Professional Trainer that if there are any concerns about the Parent Manager, the SYSC Board is the appropriate outlet.

Team Building

The Parent Volunteer is responsible for arranging seasonal parties or other team-building events (Red Bulls, watching major matches on TV together, etc.) early each season.   It is important to have a team event as early in the Fall season as possible (ideally before the first game) so that new players feel welcome and have an opportunity to get comfortable.


The Parent Manager is responsible for email communications with parents. This should generally include a weekly in-season email detailing practice times and game locations,  jersey colors, half time snack rotation (if any) and the like. This should be coordinated with the ATSC coach.

Registration Coordination

The Parent Volunteer is responsible for monitoring and facilitating player registration in June for the following Fall season and for ensuring that player and coach photos are uploaded, medical forms collected and that any players new to the club provide birth certificates or passports in a timely fashion.

Additional In-Season Training

The Parent Manager should regularly encourage participation (as part of weekly email, etc) in individualized clinics such as goal scoring, goalkeeping and PACE fitness training sessions.


In the event that you are notified that your home game is canceled due to weather/field conditions, the Parent Manager must notify the team and the opposing team manager as soon as possible. The Club will send out communication if Scarsdale fields are closed due to weather.  All games are encouraged to be rescheduled but U11+ games are required or the teams will forfeit and pay a $100 fine.  If you are the home team, identify two dates, of  one must be a Saturday. Contact the opposing team to agree on a date and then fields coordinator at fields@scarsdalesoccer.net to get a field assignment. Once assigned and scheduled, check the WYSL site to make sure this game is scheduled.

Winter training

While Winter training beyond the sessions provided by SYSC is optional, additional voluntary Winter training can significantly advance player skills and should be encouraged by the Parent Volunteer. The planning for Winter training should start in the Fall and be communicated to families as early as possible.  Note that the Club and ATSC are now offering optional weekly training throughout the Winter as part of a broader effort to offer programs year-round.

Coordination with Opposing Teams' Parent Managers

The Parent Volunteer should email and if necessary phone the opposing parent manager each week to confirm game times and locations, coordinate jersey colors if teams have same or similar colors, and communicate any special issues regarding parking or directions.

Coordinate attendance of own team to ensure sufficient players and if not, coordiante with DOC to borrow players (see below for additional detail on borrowing). Forfieiting game incurrs a WYSL fine paid by the team.

Game day responsibilities

The Parent Volunteer's game day responsibilities include checking in with the referee, maintaining player passes, preparing the line-up sheet, helping to set up the field (goals, flags) and finding a lines-person.  Managers must bring the player passes to each game or the team will forfeit the game and receive a fine! Managers must also print a new roster for each game to provide for the referee. 

IF BORROWING A PLAYER, must bring pass to the game and bring a signed copy of the borrowing form to the game for the referee. The form must be signed by a member of the SYSC club and/or DOC. New rosters should also be printed with the borrowed players name included. All borrowing decisions must be made by the DOC and in accordance with WYSL rules.

  • The Parent Volunteer should also ensure that parents are seated on the opposite side of the field from players and comply with the club's Parent Guidelines.
  • While the Parent Volunteer should not dictate playing times or discuss playing time with the Professional Trainer during games, it is the Parent Manager’s responsibility to make sure that the Professional Trainer is aware of the SYSC policy regarding minimum playing time for the relevant age group, and in the event that any player is not receiving minimum playing time, the Parent Manager should communicate this to the professional trainer promptly after the game.  Any ongoing issue in this regard should be referred promptly to the SYSC Board.


The Parent Manager should work with the Professional Trainer, with the assistance of the Tournament Committee, to identify appropriate tournaments for the team.  Each team should try to play in at least one tournament per season.  Teams are encouraged to participate in the state cup appropriate for their level of play.