The following information is for parents who are thinking of volunteering or are already signed up to volunteer.  Please read this PARENT VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK carefully as it contains lots of useful information. For those interested in volunteering, please email volunteers@scarsdalesoccer.net



There are two roles for parents on each team,
Parent Manager and Parent Assistant Coach


It is required that every team has at least one carded Parent Assistant Coach. The parent assistant coaches are the only parents allowed on the sidelines with the players and are the only ones allowed to step in on behalf of the ATSC coach in the event that he/she is unavailable.  If there is no carded coach available at a game, the team forfeits per WYSL rules.

It is required that the team has one Parent Manager.  This role is more organizational and this role is key in making sure the season runs smoothly from week to week.  If there are several Parent Assistant Coaches on the team, then this role can be split among those Parent Assistant Coaches or designated to one of the PACs.

Each team MUST have one parent designated as a Parent Assistant Coach. If the team has two volunteers both can be designated as the Parent Assistant Coach OR, one parent can be designated the Parent Manager and one as the Parent Assistant Coach.  IMPORTANT – both roles are a full year commitment beginning in August.

U8 - Recommend at least 2 (3 preferable) Parent Assistant Coaches beginning in Fall 2017 given the new format.  See U8 Travel Soccer page for more detail.

* If Parent Assistant Coaches receive red cards during a game, it is the parent's responsibility to pay the fine to get their card back.

Roles and Responsibilities for Parent Volunteers

We have put together a quick guide below for Parent Managers’ ease of reference but please refer here for the full list of Parent Manager and Parent Assistant Coach responsibilities.

Register as a Parent Volunteer with WYSL

  • There are specific training requirements depending on the role of Parent Manager or Parent Assistant Coach. Please refer here for the requirements which must be completed prior to the start of the season.  You will not be allowed to be on the roster, coach, or have a pass as of September 1, 2018 as a Parent Volunteer without completing at least the background check component of these requirements.  * Always best to do this in June when you register your children.

Prior to First Game of the Season (Both PAC and PM)

  1. Familiarize yourself with the SI Play Team Website and App and communicating to the team through the App.  This app will enable you to customize messages to the team, manage game changes, etc.  If trouble with app, delete and download again or logout and log back in.
  2. Register your teams for State Cup or Westchester Cup, if applicable.
  3. Introduce yourself to the team (with Both Parent Managers and Parent Assistant Coaches)
  4. Read the WYSL Rules
  5. Read the Min. Playing Time Policy
  • The Parent Volunteer's role is principally administrative. Ongoing responsibilities include facilitating registration and collecting registration related materials, communication and coordination as described in more detail below.
  • The Parent Volunteer should also try to foster team building whether through seasonal team parties or other sorts of events, especially at the beginning of each season.  

Length of service

We encourage all parent volunteers to continue with their child’s team year to year, however, we understand that this is not always possible. We do require that Parent Managers commit to a team from June to August. This time frame allows for a smooth transition from one year to the next.

Important Dates

Team AnnouncementsJune
Player Commitment to play48 hrs after results announced
Send Welcome LetterLate June
All pictures uploadedThird week of June
Teams are registered with the LeagueFirst week of July
Special request for game scheduleThird week of July/February
Completion of Risk ManagementASAP
Completion of Concussion ManagementASAP
Scheduling of Labor Day TournamentsBy end of July
Pick up Team passesBy Third week of August

Parent managers


Parent Manager Prerequisites

The Parent Manager does not hold a WYSL coach card, and is never allowed on the player/coach side of the field during games. It is more of an administrative/organizational role, and WYSL does not require any mandatory soccer training for Parent Managers. However, they must still register online for the team, and pass a background check every two years ($23 fee). See below for more info on background check.

You must complete the following to be a Parent Manager:

  • Background Check & Online Training - see information here (choose "WYSL" and not "SYSC" under club)
  • 2 hour WYSL Introductory Course*†  
  • Information for courses can be found under Coach section here.

*If you previously took this course you do not need to repeat

Optional but highly recommended

Further information on prerequisites can be found with the following buttons as well as on the WYSLsoccer.org website under COACH section in the top navigation. 

Parent Manager Roles & Responsibilities

The Parent Manager's responsibilities are things such as holding player and coach passes to give to the ref on game day, along with the approved roster/line up sheet for that game, and report the game score each week if referee is not available. They are the primary communicator with the team, via email/text/SI Play, with details regarding practices, games, jersey colors, tournaments or other team events. They also collect and hold player's Medical Release forms. They are responsible for confirmation of games each week with the opponent, scheduling make up games/TBS games if needed, etc.

The Parent Assistant Coach can fulfill the responsibilities of the manager role, but not vice versa.  If there is only a Parent Assistant Coach on the team, he/she will also fulfill the Parent Manager responsibilities.

Prior to Start of Season

  1. Ensure each player on the team has a uniform with both maroon and white jerseys (especially new players!!)
  2. Collect and Confirm the players have all necessary medical forms for Fall 2018 (contact syscboys@scarsdalesoccer.net and syscgirls@scarsdalesoccer.net)
  3. Populate all jersey numbers for your team on the SI Play Team Website so they are printed on the game line up sheets.  To complete this task, logon to www.scarsdalesoccer.siplay.com, click on green SI Play Team Website button, then on left menu under Coach Tools, choose Manage Team Info and enter players’ jersey numbers (note: both jersey # fields must be populated, not uniform # field).  All team jersey numbers must be on the official roster for children to play in games. (Due Sept 1)
  4. Confirm you have access to team roster on SI Play WEBSITE. MUST print new copy after Wednesday of each week and bring hard copy to each game or team will FORFEIT. Roster must be date stamped from Wednesday 12:01AM that week to Sunday that week to be valid.
  5. Prior to the first game, contact Melissa at uniforms@scarsdalesoccer.net to pick up your team’s goalie shirt and gloves.  Parent coach can bring to each game.
  6. Check with the team for specific problem dates for the whole team or general request dates for the whole team (e.g. early/late games for a specific date). These must be communicated to cole@atscus.com by mid-August.
  7. Set up a snack and/or drink rotation and enter into SI Play.
  8. Register the team for Labor Day or Columbus Day tournament(s) – poll team for availability and interest. (contact tournaments@scarsdalesoccer.net or cole@atscus.com ). Extra cost per tournament - optional. 

During the Season (each week)

  1. Your schedule will be available on the SI Play App and the WYSL Website. Always check the WYSL website each week to cross check if anything has changed, as this is the most official schedule and is maintained by WYSL.  You will also find the opposing team’s contact information to confirm jersey colors, field directions, etc.
  2. Ask the team to provide their availability for games by Monday the week before the game by registering via SI Play app to identify whether you need to borrow players in time for the upcoming games and reach out to DOC if needed by Wednesday.
  3. Ask the team for their availability for the entire season in advance as well via email so you can check if there are any major gaps in availability and plan for that ahead of time by borrowing players through SYSC.  Forfeiting a game results in a $100 fine charged by WYSL and paid by the team.
  4. Contact opposing coach/manager prior to each game. Coordinate jersey color (home jersey is maroon), field directions (if unclear on WYSL site) and confirm game time.  You can find the contact information for the opposing team on the WYSL website in the division standing page where your schedule is for that particular game.
  5. Email your team the early in the week of each game:
  • Provide team with jersey color (coordinated previously with opposing team), home is maroon shirt (you can update this on the “other section” in the app).
  • Specific field location, parking instructions and directions to the field if provided by the opposing team.  Schedules contain game location. Field addresses can be found by clicking on the field link.
  • Provide reminder of who is in snack/drink rotation (recommend advising against snacks with nuts given allergy sensitivities) – snack rotation should be uploaded to SI Play App as well when finalized.
  • Provide game start time but ask team to arrive at least 30 minutes before the game with a ball for warm up.
  • ** It is important to know who is not available to attend the game as borrowing players takes several days in advance to coordinate. If you need to borrow players, please coordinate through ATSC boys or girls director of coaching by Monday of prior week.

Game Day Responsibilities (each week)

Roster & Medical Forms & Player Cards

  1. Must bring a hard copy of the WYSL Official Game Line Up Card with Photos to each game to provide to the referee and have all coaches sign it each week. Must a NEW copy and must be date stamped from Wednesday 12:01AM to Sunday of each week to be valid or will not be accepted by referee.  These Line Up Cards have player photos on them and will act as the player cards beginning the Fall 2018 season. Failure to bring these Line Up Cards (player cards) will result in a FORFEIT. 
    • Print official rosters from the SI Play Team Website.
    • Go to Team Website > Print Roster > WYSL Official Game Lineup Card with Photos.
    • Do NOT print a lot of Line Up cards ahead of time each week, will not be valid.
  2. If borrowing a child, must (1) bring a signed copy (signed by ATSC leadership) of the WYSL borrowing form, (2) bring a copy of the borrowed team's player Official Line Up Card with Photo with borrowed child's photo (dated Wed - Sun of that week), and (3) write in the borrowed child on the host team Line Up Card. 
  3. Must bring copies of medical release forms to each game.
  4. Bring goalie gloves and shirt to each game (parent assistant coach)
  5. Assist with pre-game warm-ups, if requested by the ATSC trainer.
  6. If playing in State Cup games, check with the State Cup organizer to see if the WYSL rosters or separate player cards are required for a fee per child.


Additional Information

  1. Specific responsibilities of the Parent Volunteers (Both Parent Managers and Assistant Coaches) include the following:
    • Important dates including spring season start dates, state cup and other tournaments so families can plan accordingly.
    • The Parent Volunteers should communicate and follow the 24-hour rule (ie, in the event of any coaching or game related concerns, the parent should wait 24 hours after the game to “cool off” before raising the issue).
    • The Parent Volunteers should make clear to parents that he/she, and not the Professional Trainer, is the first option for addressing any parent concerns.
    • To the extent that the Parent Volunteer can't easily resolve an issue, the next step should be a discussion with the SYSC Board regarding any disputes, new player additions, team allocations in addition to general advice.  The Parent Volunteer should seek to address concerns without the involvement of the Professional Trainer to the extent possible.
    • Parent Volunteer should also make clear to parents and to the Professional Trainer that if there are any concerns about the Parent Volunteer, the SYSC Board is the appropriate outlet.
    • The Parent Volunteer should also ensure that parents are seated on the opposite side of the field from players and comply with the club's Parent Guidelines.
    • While the Parent Volunteer should not dictate playing times or discuss playing time with the Professional Trainer during games, it is the Parent Volunteer’s responsibility to make sure that the Professional Trainer is aware of the SYSC policy regarding minimum playing time for the relevant age group, and in the event that any player is not receiving minimum playing time, the Parent Volunteer should communicate this to the professional trainer promptly after the game.  Any ongoing issue in this regard should be referred promptly to the SYSC Board.
  2. The Pre-Season meeting

    The Parent Volunteer should organize a meeting between parents and the Professional Trainer to set out the following expectations and objectives.


    Explanation of Parents and Players expected commitment, punctuality, applicable playing time rule, and policy re playing positions.  Review expectations for appropriate parent conduct (including parent manager's liaison role and the 24-hour rule whereby parents must wait at least 24 hours after a game to address any issues about their child). Emphasize expectations of parents and players related to showing respect for all participants in the game, including teammates, opponents, coaches and officials.


    FUN, Core skill development, understanding and love of the game, and teamwork

    Coordination with the Professional Trainer

    All parents should have direct access to the Professional Trainer.  However the Parent Volunteer is a natural conduit for dialogue between parent and trainer, and should serve as first touch point to resolve non-soccer related issues or concerns that may arise between parents and Professional Trainer.

    Team Building

    The Parent Volunteer is responsible for arranging seasonal parties or other team-building events (Red Bulls, watching major matches on TV together, etc.) early each season.   It is important to have a team event as early in the Fall season as possible (ideally before the first game) so that new players feel welcome and have an opportunity to get comfortable.


    The Parent Manager is responsible for email communications with parents. This should generally include a weekly in-season email detailing practice times and game locations,  jersey colors, half time snack rotation (if any) and the like. This should be coordinated with the ATSC coach.

    Additional In-Season Training

    The Parent Manager should regularly encourage participation (as part of weekly email, etc) in individualized clinics such the free weekly ATSC clinics.


    In the event that you are notified that your home game is canceled due to weather/field conditions, the Parent Manager must notify the team and the opposing team manager as soon as possible. The Club will send out communication if Scarsdale fields are closed due to weather.  All games are encouraged to be rescheduled but U11+ games are required or the teams will forfeit and pay a $100 fine.  If you are the home team, identify two dates, of  one must be a Saturday. Contact the opposing team to agree on a date and then fields coordinator at fields@scarsdalesoccer.net to get a field assignment. Once assigned and scheduled, check the WYSL site to make sure this game is scheduled.

    Winter training

    While Winter training beyond the sessions provided by SYSC is optional, additional voluntary Winter training can significantly advance player skills and should be encouraged by the Parent Volunteer. The planning for Winter training should start in the Fall and be communicated to families as early as possible.  Note that the Club and ATSC are now offering optional weekly training throughout the Winter as part of a broader effort to offer programs year-round.

    Coordination with Opposing Teams' Parent Managers

    The Parent Volunteer should email and if necessary phone the opposing parent manager each week to confirm game times and locations, coordinate jersey colors if teams have same or similar colors, and communicate any special issues regarding parking or directions.

    Coordinate attendance of own team to ensure sufficient players and if not, coordiante with DOC to borrow players (see below for additional detail on borrowing). Forfieiting game incurrs a WYSL fine paid by the team.

    Game day responsibilities

    The Parent Volunteer's game day responsibilities include checking in with the referee, maintaining player passes, preparing the line-up sheet, helping to set up the field (goals, flags) and finding a lines-person.  Managers must bring the player passes to each game or the team will forfeit the game and receive a fine! Managers must also print a new roster for each game to provide for the referee. 

    IF BORROWING A PLAYER, must bring electronic pass to the game and bring a signed copy of the borrowing form to the game for the referee. The form must be signed by a member of the SYSC club and/or DOC. New rosters should also be printed with the borrowed players name included. All borrowing decisions must be made by the DOC and in accordance with WYSL rules.


    The Parent Manager should work with the Professional Trainer, with the assistance of the Tournament Committee, to identify appropriate tournaments for the team.  Each team should try to play in at least one tournament per season.  Teams are encouraged to participate in the state cup appropriate for their level of play. Tournaments are optional and at an additional costs to the team.

SYSC Soccer Programs_Parent Assistance Coach.png

Parent Assistant Coaches


Parent Assistant Coach Prerequisites

The Parent Assistant Coach holds a WYSL coach card which enables them to be on the player/coach side of the field during games. The parent assistant coach must complete WYSL mandatory training requirements below, along with a background check.

You must complete the following to receive your Assistant Coach WYSL Coach Card:

  • Background Check & Online Training - see information here
  • Attend WYSL Introductory 2-hour course new coach/manager orientation*
  • Attain a minimum of Level 2 NSCAA coach certificate (6 hours hands-on training; cost approx. $95). USSF coaching license of Level E or higher may be presented in lieu of the minimum Level 2 NSCAA.*
    • NOTE: You must complete the 6-hour Level 2 course before March 30th or you will have to relinquish your coaching pass. 

*If you previously took this course you do not need to repeat. The above training requirements are good for life within WYSL. The background check must be completed every two years ($23 fee). See below for more info on background check.

Further information on prerequisites can be found with the following buttons as well as on the WYSLsoccer.org website under COACH section in the top navigation. 

Parent Assistant Coach Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Assist with pre-game warm-ups, IF requested by the ATSC trainer. Bring a couple of balls each week just in case.
  2. Remain on the sideline during the games, and take direction from the ATSC trainer with regard to coaching and warming up substitutes.  YOU ARE NOT THE COACH OF THE TEAM.
  3. Be available to coach a game in the unlikely event that the ATSC trainer is unavailable but be in communication with the ATSC coach in advance to ensure one of you is available at all times. Failure for a carded coach will result in a FORFEIT for the team.
  4. Bring goalie jersey and gloves to game.
  5. Read full WYSL rules.
  6. Read Min. Playing Time Policy.

There should be at least two Parent Assistant Coaches for each team, one is required. There is a maximum of 4 staff allowed on a team roster, in any combination of coaches/managers. But during games, there is a maximum of three coaches (no managers) allowed on the player/coach sidelines. Coach cards must be given to the referee along with the player cards and the game line up sheet prior to each game.

A WYSL coach card enables that named person to act as the carded coach at ANY game within their own club, even if it is not their own team, as long as they have their card to present to the referee. Failure for any carded coach, ATSC or parent coach to be at the game upon start of the game will result in a FORFEIT for the team.

The Parent Assistant Coach can fulfill the responsibilities of the manager role, but not vice versa.

Note: * If a Parent Assistant Coach receives a yellow card during the game, this will result in a $100 fine. If a parent coach receives a red card, this will result in a $500 fine and 1 week suspension; it is the parent's responsibility to pay the WYSL fine to get their card back.  



Further information on prerequisites can be found with the following buttons as well as on the WYSLsoccer.org website under COACH section in the top navigation. 

PrerequisitesParent ManagerParent Assistant Coach
Background Check & Online Training*MandatoryMandatory
WYSL Introductory 2-hour Orientation†Optional but highly recommendedMandatory
NSCAA Coaching Courses-Mandatory
Attain a minimum of Level 2 NSCAA Coach Certificate = 6 hours hands-on training ~$95
USSF Coaching License-Optional in lieu of minimum Level 2 NSCAA requirement

* A two-step process and is valid for two years
† If you previously took this course you do not need to repeat. These training requirements are good for life within WYSL.

Background Checks & Online Training


The BACKGROUND CHECK for both parent coaches/parent managers is a two-step process and is valid for two years. The total fee for both steps is $23. It requires successful completion of an online injury recognition course ($5 fee), and you must pass a short quiz for each of 6 modules. It is estimated to take 30-50 minutes. Then you will enter your certificate number on the background check application ($18 fee).  Choose "WYSL" for club, not "SYSC". 

WYSL Introductory 2-hour Orientation


NSCAA Coaching Courses


Attain a minimum of Level 2 NSCAA coach certificate (6 hours hands-on training; cost approx. $95). USSF coaching license of Level E or higher may be presented in lieu of the minimum Level 2 NSCAA.*

Guidelines for Division of Responsibilities

Professional Trainers vs. Parent Volunteers

The guidelines below are intended to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Professional Trainer and the Parent Volunteers of each team.


Professional Trainer

  • The Professional Trainer is in charge of everything related to the game of soccer for his/her team and each player on that team.
  • The Professional Trainer has authority over all aspects of practice and games both tactical and technical.
    • For training sessions, this includes preparing and managing the practice sessions.
    • For games, this includes preparing the roster, assigning positions, substitutions and playing time (except that the Parent Manager is responsible for ensuring that minimum playing time is accorded to each player in accordance with SYSC policies).
    • Communications,  with players prior to, during and after games with regard to the game.

Parent Volunteers

  • The Parent Volunteer's role is principally administrative.  Ongoing responsibilities include facilitating registration and collecting registration related materials, communication and coordination as described in more detail below.
  • The Parent Volunteer should also try to foster team building whether through seasonal team parties or other sorts of events, especially at the beginning of each season.
  • Please note that parent managers are expected to serve this role for the entire seasonal year.

Parent Volunteer Relationship to Professional Trainer

  • It is the Professional Trainer’s responsibility to communicate all soccer matters to players in practice and before, during and after games.  Parent Managers are not to instruct players at practice, or to discuss soccer matters before, during or after any game; this is the sole jurisdiction of the Professional Trainer. Unless the Professional Trainer has explicitly sought the assistance of the Parent Volunteer in any of the foregoing, involvement in this regard by a Parent Manager undermines the basic premise of professional training and development.
  • Under certain circumstances, the Parent Volunteer may be asked by the Professional Trainer to assist with certain coaching responsibilities, but this should be only at the Professional Trainer's explicit request.   Typically, this should be with respect to a particular situation (eg, the Professional Trainer needs help with a particular aspect of a practice, or needs to track a particular situation within a game).
  • The Parent Volunteer should not engage in an dialogue about player and team development, whether with the Professional Trainer or with a parent or child on the team, because such discussions may unduly influence the professional trainer and compromise his/her objectivity or his/her approach. Our Professional Training Partners have internal procedures for the assessment of each player, which will be communicated by the Professional Trainer and /or relevant Assistant Director of Coaching to each player/family.


Note that each team has at least one carded parent designated as an “Assistant Coach.”  However, this designation is given only in order to comply with the League’s registration system.  The only additional soccer-related responsibility of the Parent “Assistant Coach” is to be available to step in if the Professional Trainer is red-carded so that the team is not forced to forfeit (which we would expect would never occur).  For all other purposes, parents who assist the professional trainer are in fact Parent Managers (see below), Co-Managers or Assistant Managers, depending on the number of parent volunteers for a particular team, and how those parent volunteers choose to allocate the responsibilities below.

Code of Conduct


Coaches and Parent Volunteers

Coaches and Parent Volunteers

It is the responsibility of each Coach, Assistant Coach and each Parent to:

  1. Realize that the purpose of youth soccer is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social and emotional well-being of the individual players.
  2. Emphasize the proper ideals of, and lead by example in demonstrating sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play.
  3. Remember that children play for fun and enjoyment. Always place the emotional and physical well being of players ahead of any personal desire to win. Never ridicule or yell at children for making mistakes or losing a game.
  4. Show cordial courtesy to visiting teams and officials.
  5. Respect the property of communities that you are visiting.
  6. Respect the integrity and judgment of the referee.
  7. Achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of the rules of the game, the SYSC and the soccer organizations we are affiliated with.
  8. Show respect for all players, coaches, fans and officials regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.
  9. Remember that children need adult role models they can respect. Be generous with your praise when it is deserved and set a good example.
  10. Treat each player as an individual, remembering there may be a large spread of physical and emotional development of members of the same team.
  11. To the extent practicable, follow the advice of a physician or parent when determining when an injured player is ready to play again.
  12. Make a commitment to educate yourself on positive coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children.
  13. Remember that a contest is only a game, not a matter of life or death for any player, coach, official, parent or the SYSC, and that the game is for children and not adults.


As a player of the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club I pledge to:

  • Come to all practices, training sessions and games prepared to play, ready to listen and equipped with appropriate uniform (for practices and games).
  • Be respectful to all players on my team and other teams.
  • Be respectful to all coaches and referees.
  • Refrain from using abusive and/or taunting language while at practice, before, during and after a game.
  • Refrain from physical abuse of other players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators while at practice, before, during and after a game.
  • Support the team and other teammates by following the game while on the sidelines.


As a parent of a Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club player, I pledge to:

  • Support my child’s efforts to be on time and be prepared for all practices, training sessions and games.
  • Not question the calls of the referee or the actions of the coach.
  • Provide encouragement to my child and all team players.
  • Be respectful of all players on my child’s team and opposing teams, coaches, referees and spectators.
  • Discuss all issues with my child’s coach privately and at a time away from the game.
  • Refrain from unsportsmanlike behavior, including verbal or physical abuse of players, coaches, referees and other spectators at practice, before, during and after games

As a parent of a Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club player, I agree to review these guidelines with my child and to abide by the guidelines as listed.

Acceptance of Club Code of Conduct

I have read the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club player and parent(s) code of conduct and understand that as part my acceptance of the roster position being offered on the team, I will follow these guidelines. Failure to abide by one or more principles of the Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club Code of Conduct may result in suspension or expulsion of player and/or parent from practices, games and/or the Club.

Document must be signed and returned to Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club prior to player being permitted to play in first game.

Coaches Concussion Awareness Certificates: 

The WYSL Board of Directors have unanimously passed the requirement that all WYSL licensed coaches complete the CDC Concussion Awareness Online Course before the resumption of League play for Fall 2012.   This valuable, short, free online course was developed to help coaches recognize the signs of a possible concussion and the proper steps to follow when the coach suspects a concussion has occurred. Upon course completion a Concussion Awareness certificate will be issued. Coaches will be asked to have these Certificates in their possession for all their WYSL league games.  


Coach Instructions - Line Up Sheet - PRINT OUT ROSTERS

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