Grades K-2, Ages 5-7
Available Spring ONLY
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Pre-Travel Soccer is designed to support our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade players who are excited about soccer and are looking for a high-energy environment. 5yro Pre-K children who are ready for more advanced training are welcome to join Pre-Travel.

Top quality training will be provided by ATSC professional coaches who will lead players through an exciting and challenging curriculum focused on the FUNdamentals of soccer. (2nd graders who are participating in our U8 Travel program should NOT register for Pre-Travel Soccer.)

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Spring Season

SYSC Pre-Travel is a Spring only program and is run by ATSC. This is a separate program than the program offered in the Fall for this age group, which managed by the Scarsdale Recreation department.

Pre-Travel - Kindergarten

With an emphasis on developing skillful soccer players we introduce a variety of techniques and create a base for future development in the sport. ATSC coaches introduce fun 1v1 moves and turns to beat opponents. We facilitate learning through play with lots of opportunities for small sided competition.

Mondays / Wednesdays. 3:30pm Start Date: April 29

Duration 55 minutes

Location: Crossway 5  

Registration link Pre-Travel - K   

Pre-Travel - 1st Grade

ATSC coaches aim to expand each players skill-base through teaching new moves and techniques. We maintain an emphasis on individual skill acquisition but through fun games and activities we also introduce basic tactical concepts such as positions, shape and spacing. 

Tuesdays / Thursdays. 3.30pm. Start Date: April 30

Duration 55 minutes

Location: Crossway 5  

Registration link Pre-Travel - 1st Grade

Pre-Travel - 2nd Grade

This program is for players ready to continue their journey in soccer but have not already joined our u8 travel program. At this stage we continue to expand our range of ball skills and introduce passing, receiving and defending to the program. (Second grade players are encouraged to attend tryouts for u9 Travel Soccer beginning in August.)

Mondays 4.30pm / Fridays 3.30pm. Start Date: April 29

Duration 55 minutes

Location: Crossway 5  

Registration link Pre-Travel - 2nd Grade

Fall Season*

*Fall Soccer for this age group is offered and managed by the Scarsdale Recreation Department. Please contact the Scarsdale Recreation Department for more information.