Sports signup Play & App

SYSC and SIT using the SportsSignUp Play Team Website and App for the current Season.


We ask that parents please RSVP for your child's availability for practices and games via the website or the app.

To subscribe to the team's calendar/events:

  • Go into app

  • On bottom right, click "More."

  • Then click "Team Calendars"

  • Then click "Subscribe."

To receive notifications

  • In App

  • Select "More"

  • Enable "New Events, Changed Events, Team Chat"

Multiple kids?

  • Click "Favorites" at top

  • Select the team


  • Try logging out and back in as first step

  • App support: In App: More > Help > App support (to start a direct conversation with app support)

  • Help:

  • How to video below

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