WYSL/SYSC Sportsmanship Program

Program 1: Pre-Game Coin Toss Ceremony
AGE GROUPS: 9-10 yr. old

In addition to the referee calling for team captains for the coin toss, the referee will call for the assigned parent volunteer “Sportsmanship Director”. This parent should be assigned by each coach before the game.  The coach may want to consider choosing a parent who is in need of sportsmanship direction.

Sportsmanship Director’s name should be filled in on the Referee Game Evaluation report.  The Referee will point out and enlist the Director to encourage his side of the field to exhibit the sportsmanship behavior just gone over by the referee.

Program 2: Adoption of Club Sportsmanship Programs
AGE GROUPS: 9-10 yr. old

Each Club will be encouraged to adopt their own Sportsmanship Program.  After each game, as part of the post-game recap, the coach and the Sportsmanship Director will award a sportsmanship award, a pin to the player or players on their team that have exhibited good sportsmanship that week.

Program 3: Adoption of League Sportsmanship Program

Referee Game Evaluation ReportThe game evaluation report shall include a section to specifically identify and grade-sporting behavior exhibited during the game.  An example question and format to be used is as follows:

Were parents/spectators for home/visiting team acting responsible and exhibiting sporting behavior by encouraging and supporting positive behavior on the field?


Average Sporting BehaviorExcellent Sporting BehaviorGood Sporting BehaviorPoor Sporting BehaviorsUnacceptable Sporting Behavior

Number and specific questions to be listed will be researched from similar programs initiated by other youth soccer leagues.

League Program:  The revised Referee Game Evaluation Report will be used in each division to select the team (including players, coaches and parents) that exhibit the best sportsmanship during the season.  That team will be awarded a special patch to be worn on the players’ jerseys the next season.  The League will supply such patches.  The League is exploring other ways to honor this team or a single boys and girls team in each age group.