The SYSC encourages teams to participate in tournaments but these are optional and to be organized by the parent volunteer, not the professional coaching staff.  Tournaments provide a way for teams to pack a lot of soccer into one day.  Attending tournaments and hanging out together for the day is fun for the team and builds team spirit and camaraderie.  There are many options for tournaments throughout the year, both locally and in the surrounding areas. Our teams have participated in tournaments in Westchester, Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, and as far away as Virginia and Massachusetts.  The tournament committee is available to help your team select appropriate tournaments to attend and to advise you on the logistics of attending tournaments.  Tournaments are not included in the cost of the program and are determined based on the team.

Tournaments are a useful way for the team to get additional concentrated playing time as a team. Popular tournament dates are Labor Day, Columbus Day and Memorial Day (including the Scarsdale Memorial Day Tournament). Please note that all tournaments are at team’s discretion and are an additional cost borne by the players. Please consult your coach and DOC for your team for the appropriate tournaments and our tournament page for more information. 

Teams interested in participating in the NY CUP or other soccer tournaments should email:

Guide to Local Tournaments:

Please see the list in the drop down above for our quick guide to local tournaments, comparing prices, hours, and minutes of play.  In general, we recommend that all teams attend at least one tournament in the fall and one in the spring.

During the spring season, ALL of our 1 teams should attend the Scarsdale Memorial Day Weekend Tournament.  This tournament is a half-day tournament, sponsored by your club. In addition, the Rye Brook Tournament in March is a great way to start of the spring season for our B and C teams.

We encourage all coaches to give us feedback or all tournaments and winter leagues they have participated in, so that we can update our tournament information and recommendations. 

Please direct any questions or concerns related to tournaments or winter leagues to

Good luck at your tournaments!

Permission to Travel Forms are needed for Tournaments held in Connecticut and in New Jersey