Tryout Results

  • Based on number of players registered, ATSC will determine the number of teams and the appropriate number of players for each team in each age group for season.

  • All players who pre-register on time and tryout for 2008 and younger teams will be placed on a team. Eligible children who do not pre-register/attend tryouts are not guaranteed a spot. For ages 2007 and up, the goal is to place all players on a team, however based on the number of players who attend tryouts in each age group, there may not be a spot available for every player. If needed, a wait list will be used for the older age groups and players will be added to a team if a spot becomes available. See more about waitlist below.

  • SYSC will notify players of their placement on or after June 16.

  • Each player is given 48 hours to accept for her/his spot on the team by paying the balance due for the season. Anyone requiring financial assistance must make arrangements with the in advance so that registration deadlines can be met. Please see relevant financial aid policy for instructions if this applies to you.

  • Once a spot on an SYSC team is accepted there are NO REFUNDS, exceptions are made for U8/U9. See refund policy.

  • If there are openings on teams after the 48-hour period, ATSC will determine if player assignments should change and whether wait-listed players will be offered spots.

  • Please note, team roster sizes and player assignments may change after all players are registered and players will be moved up as spots become available.

  • ATSC selects the coaches and assigns them to each team. This will be handled by Stay in Town Soccer for the 2019-2020 season.

  • Waitlist: Eligible players who do not try out or register after the deadline for their age group are placed on a waitlist.  For those children who are eligible for tryouts during the tryout period and but do not attend tryouts due to an unexcused reason, will be placed on the lowest seeded team after the conclusion of tryouts, pending availability. Players who become eligible to play for SYSC after registration and tryouts are complete may be have the opportunity to be evaluated [outside of the regular tryout process] and placed on the appropriate team, pending availability.