Uniforms are required for U8+ age groups. 

The SYSC "HOME UNIFORM" is Maroon Jersey, Maroon Shorts and White Socks.  The SYSC "AWAY UNIFORM" is White Jersey, Maroon Shorts and White Socks.

The Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club is proud to continue our relationship with Soccer.com (aka EuroSport).

All parents, players, and coaches should order new Scarsdale Soccer uniforms and accessories from the Scarsdale SC Store on Soccer.com. Individual families will set up their own account and purchase items at special club prices and have the items shipped directly to their homes.


  • Families are responsible for ordering their own uniforms.
  • Please remember that these are customized items and can require extra time to arrive. Please make sure you order in time for the coming season. (3-4 weeks lead time suggested).
  • Uniform Numbering: all uniform numbering is pre-selected by the SYSC and cannot be changed.
  • When ordering, you are required to enter the number that was assigned to you by the SYSC.
  • Replacement uniforms must be ordered with the same uniform number. Current players cannot change their numbers.
  • Any questions regarding uniforms should be directed to the team parent manager at uniforms@scarsdalesoccer.net


New Players (new to u8+)

  1. If you are new to the club and need a uniform, you must first email uniforms@scarsdalesoccer.net to get an assigned uniform #. (Players cannot select their own #). Numbers are assigned to be unique to each age group.
  2. High School Soccer Players should order Maroon Jerseys only with assigned numbers
  3. Then go to Scarsdale SC Store on Soccer.com to order the standard uniform package.  
  4. Both Maroon and White game jerseys are required.
  5. Grey training jerseys (2) are recommended.

Returning Players (U9+)

  1. You can use the same uniform # you have been assigned from the prior years, assuming you have not skipped an age group or are playing up.
  2. You can re-order the next size uniform from the Scarsdale SC Store on Soccer.com.
  3. Questions? Please email uniforms@scarsdalesoccer.net

2017 uniform Kit


A standard uniform package includes the following components:

  • adidas MLS 15 Match Jersey in maroon ($34.50 - 37.75 each)
  • adidas MLS 15 Match Jersey in white ($34.50 - 37.75 each)
  • adidas MLS 15 Match Short in maroon ($16.25 - 18.20 each)
  • adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Sock in white ($7.80 each)


SYSC recommends that all travel players order and wear our grey SYSC training shirts to all training sessions.  SYSC training shirts can be purchased directly from the Scarsdale SC Store.

Other optional items can be found on the Scarsdale SC Store, including training jackets, training pants, sweatshirts, practice shirts, duffels, backpacks, coaches' shirts and hats, and more.


Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club accepts no liability for mistakes made during uniform ordering. Players are expected to order their own uniforms as described above and listed on Soccer.com. Eurosport and Scarsdale Soccer Club are committed to answer questions on the uniform process in a timely manner.

If you have a question regarding uniforms, contact uniforms@scarsdalesoccer.net.

SYSC Merchandise

To view and order please visit www.companycasuals.com/sysc.