There are two roles for parents on each team,
Parent Manager and Parent Assistant Coach


Each team MUST have one parent designated as a Parent Assistant Coach. If the team has two volunteers both can be designated as the Parent Assistant Coach OR, one parent can be designated the Parent Manager and one as the Parent Assistant Coach.  IMPORTANT – both roles are a full year commitment beginning in August.

U8 - Recommend at least 2 (3 preferable) Parent Assistant Coaches beginning in Fall 2017 given the new format.  See U8 Travel Soccer page for more detail.

* If Parent Assistant Coaches receive red cards during a game, it is the parent's responsibility to pay the fine to get their card back.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Parent Volunteer's role is principally administrative. Ongoing responsibilities include facilitating registration and collecting registration related materials, communication and coordination as described in more detail below.
  • The Parent Volunteer should also try to foster team building whether through seasonal team parties or other sorts of events, especially at the beginning of each season.  

Length of service

We encourage all parent volunteers to continue with their child’s team year to year, however, we understand that this is not always possible. We do require that Parent Managers commit to a team from June to August. This time frame allows for a smooth transition from one year to the next.

Important Dates

Team AnnouncementsJune
Player Commitment to play24 hrs after results announced
Send Welcome LetterLate June
All pictures uploadedThird week of June
Teams are registered with the LeagueFirst week of July
Special request for game scheduleThird week of July/February
Completion of Risk ManagementASAP
Completion of Concussion ManagementASAP
Scheduling of Labor Day TournamentsBy end of July
Pick up Team passesBy Third week of August