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THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS (PRORATED OR OTHERWISE) if your child decides to drop off a Travel Team.

Once registered, you are responsible for the entire amount of your financial commitment.  These dues are retained by the club to provide financial aid to other children who cannot afford the fees, or to continue to pay team expenses.  


The ONLY exceptions to this policy are:


  • for U8 and U9 players who elect to withdraw after the conclusion of the Fall season and provide a timely (by December 1st) email to the REGISTRAR clearly stating their decision to withdraw and requesting a partial refund.

  • Under certain circumstances players who move out of Scarsdale will receive a prorated refund.

  • Players who sustain a season ending injury, documented by a physician can request a credit.


All players agree to the refund policy during the registration process and our policy is also on your paid receipt, which can be located on your family registration account.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Cole Penny (

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